Do you have an adventure hook you want your players to read in The Arcana Times Broadsheet? Send it to us and we will try to work it into the next issue. We have a couple of rules though:

1. Classified ads, news articles, and hooks have to be rated PG-13. Humorous sexual innuendo is fine, but blatant sexual references will be rejected. Some people DM for their kids and we try to keep it fairly clean. In other words: Free Orcish Blowjobs is not going to make the cut.

2. Immersion. All submissions need to be written as a NPC would write them. News articles need a NPC author. If you want to brag about your PCs latest adventure, great, just write it as it would appear in a local rag.

3. No real product ads in the broadsheet. If you want to advertise on the site, contact me. The broadsheet is completely role play.

4. No artwork, unless it is original artwork you own the copyright to and you give us written permission to use it.

5. We will edit your submission. We have to. To make articles and ads fit, sometimes we have to changes things. We try our best to use exactly what you submit, but we have to have creative license to make the broadsheet the best it can be.

If after those tyrannical rules you still want to contribute, the best way is to get on reddit and PM me at /u/hornbook1776 or use the contact box below.